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Located in Cranston, RI, Coldmasters offers a single source responsibility in HVAC and Refrigeration applications. Our services include repairs and retrofits preventative maintenance, engineering services and complete installation of new equipment. We generate unique solutions to complex problems to achieve the optimal balance of energy efficiency, reliability, health and safety, and lifestyle costs. We are committed to exceptional quality, and environmental responsibility.

Here at Coldmasters, we choose only the most qualified and licensed professionals to work with us. We are technicians, apprentices, trades people, project managers, engineers, and client service professionals. As a well-practiced team, we design, build, service and maintain your facility. We actively pursue opportunities to increase a building’s energy performance and strive to achieve the best balance of energy efficiency, reliability, and life-cycle costs.



Hot Water or Steam Boilers, Heat Exchanges, Hydro-air Comfort Systems, Hot Air Furnaces, Rooftop Equipment, Energy Retrofit/Replacement Planning and Implementation, Gas or Hydronic Piping Installation, Geothermal Heat


Duct System Design, Custom Fabrication and Installation, Industrial Ventilation, Central Fan Filtration Systems, Fume Hoods and Dust Collectors, Laboratory Exhaust, Welded Flues and Breeching, Air Balancing for Comfort

Air Conditioning

Variable Refrigerant Flow Split Systems, Chilled Water Systems, Geothermal Water Source Heat Pumps, Data Centers and Computer Server Rooms, Economizer Systems, Humidity Control


Heat Reclaim Strategies and Installation, Walk-in Coolers and Freezers, Ultra-low Temperature Environments, Machinery Cooling, Refrigerated Warehouses, Ice Bank Process Cooling


Our team designs with you in mind. Clients and project are unique, so we approach each one differently. We pride ourselves on innovative thinking for all of our designs and refrain from letting common industry practice prevent us from making use of new and affordable technologies.


When the time comes for renovation or new construction, clients may need assistance to make the appropriate choices. Thielsch Engineering has extensive experience in condition assessments of building sites and electrical systems to assist with proper site selection. Our goal is to help client find a good location for their facility.


Coldmasters provides installation and 24/7 maintenances services. When we say customer service, we mean it. We know that your HVAC/R needs are critical and essential to your business, so we make it our business to go out to your facility, day or night, and get your equipment up and running.

Our Commitment

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity

At The RISE Group, Inc., these are more than just words; they drive us to create a workplace that mirrors the communities we serve. This is how we develop our teams, nurture our leaders, and engage with the diverse communities we work with. At The RISE Group, Inc., we encourage everyone to bring their full, authentic selves to work.

In the Workplace

To advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at The RISE Group, Inc., we are dedicated to attracting and retaining individuals who have historically been marginalized. In 2021, our CEO and President, Vin Graziano, along with the board of directors, made a further commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by appointing our first Head of Diversity & Inclusion. This role ensures that our workplace acts as a responsible partner both internally and externally, making sure our workplace culture, language, and services reflect our vibrant community.

Supplier Diversity

At The RISE Group, Inc., we proudly champion diversity, equity, and inclusion for our employees, customers, and community. Our supplier diversity program is a testament to our ongoing commitment to vendors, contractors, and suppliers. It ensures that Minority-owned, Women-owned, LGBTQ-owned, and Veteran-Owned enterprises have meaningful opportunities to work with us.

We greatly value being responsible stewards of the investments made by our customers and partners. We work diligently to ensure these investments support businesses and historically marginalized, underrepresented, or disadvantaged individuals in accessing opportunities.

Through our ongoing efforts and commitment, we continually strive to improve our supplier diversity program. We invite you to partner with us to ensure that we best support your business.


Our business model prioritizes reciprocity, where profit adds value to all stakeholders: employees, customers, the environment, and society. Sustainability is vital for long-term operational success, and it's incumbent upon businesses to go beyond legal obligations. We believe in being responsible custodians of the Earth and fostering equity through measurable and actionable changes in our operations. The RISE Group, Inc. is wholeheartedly committed to environmental, social, and corporate governance and to further integrating sustainable business strategies into every level of operation

Non-Financial Accounting

The challenges posed by climate change demand more aggressive actions from individuals, businesses, and organizations alike. We recognize that the depleted conditions of our climate, oceans, forests, and other ecological systems on Earth have negatively affected and even displaced the most vulnerable human populations among us. In 2021, our CEO and President, Vin Graziano, and the board of directors demonstrated their commitment by hiring a full-time Sustainability Analyst to conduct non-financial accounting of our energy source and consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and waste generation. The RISE Group, Inc. asserts that human activity has caused climate change and that "waste" should be viewed as a resource that can be managed within a circular economy.

Integrated Customer Solutions

The RISE Group, Inc. offers a broad portfolio of engineering, energy, field, and laboratory services designed to reduce operating costs and increase profitability. We do this by extending the operating life of capital equipment, improving reliability and safety, and conserving energy. Our engineering expertise, national recognition, and unwavering commitment to sustainability set us apart and equip us to mitigate negative environmental impacts while reducing costs for our customers.

Sustainability at The RISE Group, Inc. is an ever-evolving journey, continuously improving as new technologies emerge, science enlightens us, and diverse perspectives contribute to finding solutions to the most significant engineering challenges we face.

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